Monument to Ferdinando I° Medici

saying “4 Mori”


It was the year 1602 and Jacopo Inghirami, (Volterrano marquis) admiral of the Stefaniane galleys, of return from a raid in the Egeo sea, he disembarked to the actual Old Shipyard (that of the fishing-boats) with 432 among captive and bondmen in chains.

The Gran Duke Ferdinando I° was to wait it on the bench with all the people clapper. He from long time tried take of the buccaneers like model from set to the feet of his monument, already ready among the other from the 1595 (work of Giovanni Bandini) and carried to Livorno in the 1601.


Among the bondmen or prisoners aroused interest such Morgiano ( "Turkish" of Algeri) and Alì Salettino with the two sons and these was select.


Ferdinando I° died in the 1609 without see completed the your "triumph."


May 29 1617 the marble that withdrew it comes place on the nowadays pedestal. In the 1623 the first two fused bronzes in Florence in the shop of Pinti burgh and carried on they of the barges to Livorno along the Arno had set to likewise angles.


Finally April 18 1626 the seconds two, to the presence of Ferdinando II° (nephew of the first) and of the Gran Duchess Victory Della Rovere. The 4 Mori as said from the people maybe also for the same colour of the bronze, given that departed by now twenty years probably were not more the same 4 then elect, are  an admirable opera of Pietro Tacca borne to Carrara September 16 1577.


In the 1592 student of the became "Giambologna," artist to the Medicea Court.


Pietro Tacca attends to the ceremony of inauguration of the monument, like they bring again some pictures and painted reproduced the event. The same Artist among the 1639 and the 1641 prepare the two fountains with marine monsters, unfortunately never junta to Livorno, we could admire the copies in Colonnella plaza of it.


Among the other Mr. Tacca, that from student of the Giambologna the assistant for the completion of the monument to Henry IV in Paris had been, stayed destroyed during the French revolution, any took blunts for the idea, that is the choreographic motive of the monument to the 4 Mori of Livorno.


In the 1799 during the occupation of the Napoleon’s soldieries, the Commander the "plaza" general Miollis did steal from under the feet of Ferdinando standards and barbarians arm in bronze and that they today locate to the museum of the Louvre from Paris.


August  Vittorio Vecchi, writer of xix century of "things of sea" he furnishes a study all personnel on the origin of the four represented in bronze that they clearly could not be the elect above alleged because the Tacca has carved twenty years after.


The two with the moustaches (for understand) they have identified like "Bonavoglia," rowers on the galleys for choice or for pay debts of varied nature. Youngest comes identified like an Asian or however an Oriental, The last is doubtless a black African and probably already bondman rower on the boats of the buccaneers. From this analysis, if correct, you could be evicted that no of the “4 mori” it is really a "moro” of Turkish origin or nord Africans origin.


In the 1888 the complete monument comes moved until where we admire it today, the all among popular disorders.


In the 1945 during the war period  the "4 mori" they were conceal first to the Cisternino (locale immediately out Livorno) then in a Medicea villa of Poggio a  Caiano, near Florence. They returned to the own set September 9 of the 1950


This valuable complex monumental, as dear to us leghorn’s inhabitants it must not be advised  a hymn to the racialism and to the slavery, he was easily the dream of greatness and the blustery admonition  of the Granduca from Tuscany to the buccaneers  to not attach the boats with the standard of Stephen Saint.